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What is it?

Capital Guardians is a service that helps simplify the payment process for the recipients of aged care services. Within aged care, up to 50% of care funding can be consumed by administration costs, a large component of this is represented by organisations requiring expensive systems and governance processes in managing the invoicing of multiple services to their clients

Many services invoices are actually very small. For those services, ie less than $20, the cost of servicing such is most likely greater than their value, giving suppliers a disincentive to supply aged care customers with the inexpensive items than can mean so much to their lifestyle.

The capital guardians system allows suppliers, large and small to supply invoices and get paid quickly with very little effort through:

  • the smart phone app
  • online via a personal computer, by adding invoice value, date and description next to a listed name
  • online via uploading one file of all the pdf invoices, allowing the system to allocate and attach the pdf invoices to the relevant accounts



The Benefits

  • No more separate invoicing of individuals
  • Eliminate debtors
  • Online interface for invoices and payment and accounting system interface for uploading of individual invoices from any invoicing/ accounting package
  • Environmental electronic focus
  • Invoice history and archiving features
  • Direct eft payments to nominated bank account


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