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How does it work?

The organisation select you as a preferred supplier (your negotiations on term, price, etc are with the aged care organisation).

  • Individual care recipients obtain goods and services from you in the traditional way, you need to record a proof of delivery of the good or service through your own systems if requested at any time in the future.
  • If you are a small supplier (ie hair dresser, gardener) and don’t have an accounting/invoicing system, you can logon and invoice through your smart phone or pc in a matter of minutes.
  • If you are a large supplier (pharmacy, direct care provider, electricity supplier), you either upload a batch of invoices via a pdf file or set your accounting system to email us the invoice automatically.
  • You then get paid, quickly, by direct deposit to your bank account with an email remittance.

At any time you can review your payment history and review payment status (ie approved, paid) as well as detail on payment dates and invoices included in the payment batch.


  • No more separate invoicing of individuals
  • Eliminate debtors
  • Online interface for invoices and payment and accounting system interface for uploading of individual invoices from any invoicing/ accounting package
  • Environmental electronic focus
  • Invoice history and archiving features
  • Direct eft payments to nominated bank account



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