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Bulk invoicing

Bulk invoicing

Suppliers invoice through our paperless systems by any one of a number of means:

1. Entering directly on the screen

Enter directly on the screen of any internet connected computer.  By selecting the community (generally the organisations name) all the account names will appear in a list, only requiring you to add the invoice number, description and value before selecting submit.

There is also the option of uploading a pdf file, that will support any detail required to the invoice recipients.

2. Excel (or csv) upload

  • Upload a spreadsheet with the headings: Account id (your account identification); Invoice; Date (DD/MM/YYYY); Amount; and GST (optional).
  • All the details we be presented back to you as completed invoices, for a supplier to confirm and submit.


3. Uploading bulk pdf statements

  • Capital Guardians will talk to any accounting system to ensure its invoices can be quickly sent through the paperless invoicing system.
  • Simple as printing your invoices to one bulk pdf file and uploading this file.
  • Alternatively, talk to us about setting your accounting system to automatically email a pdf invoice saving you uploading time.
  • Our system uses optical character recognition technology to detect values, invoice numbers and account holders and invoice statement end points to place a copy of the detailed account pdf invoice next to the expense values for viewing by invoice approvers, auditors, account holders and their representatives.

The Benefits

  • No more separate invoicing of individuals
  • Eliminate debtors
  • Online interface for invoices and payment and accounting system interface for uploading of individual invoices from any invoicing/ accounting package
  • Environmental electronic focus
  • Invoice history and archiving features
  • Direct eft payments to nominated bank account


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