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For all suppliers of goods and services into aged and disability (NDIS) care, Capital Guardians provides a tool to eliminate payment administration and get paid quickly and easily.

  • grow your business supplying aged care organisations
  • simplify your administration and billing of clients, via billing one organisation (Capital Guardians)
  • use the automated billing system of Capital Guardians, that immediately interfaces with any invoicing/accounting system, without development or interface costs
  • use Capital Guardian’s online invoicing system, there is no need for an accounting system

If you have a client, facility or community requesting payment via Capital Guardians, register at Service Provider Registration, select the facility or care organisation name.  After registration you can be linked to client/s for invoicing.

Invoicing instructions

The Benefits

  • No more separate invoicing of individuals
  • Eliminate payment administration
  • Online interface for invoices and payment as well as an accounting system interface for uploading of individual invoices from any invoicing/ accounting package
  • Environmental electronic focus
  • Invoice history and archiving features
  • Direct EFT payments to nominated bank account

Vendor Testimonial

“I have worked with Capital Guardians for 2 years now. They are always available to answer my questions and payments are prompt and very reliable. We were prepared to drop the business if not for Capital Guardians, collecting these payments was becoming too hard. With the recent cuts in pharmacy pricing, we just cannot afford to service nursing homes if we also have to chase payments. Capital Guardians makes this business viable”

Maha Ramzy, Pharmacist & Capital Guardians Client

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