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If you missed the “Belonging Matters Conference” in Melbourne, on the 16th & 17th August, 2017, we’d like to share some highlights with you. Just the name alone was enough for us to be inspired and our CEO attended for that reason! There were some inspiring themes and we have
Home care is already 100% consumer directed care (CDC), with funding and choice sitting with individuals with home care packages. Both the Department of Human Services and industry associations inform us that Residential CDC is now being planned. As a result a ‘Road Map’ has been developed and research funded
Sometimes it’s a job all of its own just to understand the NDIS terminology around self-management. And with this in mind I hope this blog will provide information in a way that’s easy to understand. Some of the NDIS Financial Management terms are: Plan Manager Financial Intermediary Service Intermediary Coordination
The continued rollout of consumer-directed approaches in aged and disability services should strengthen rather than diminish the importance of case managers. Happy senior citizen woman at home There is a major redefining of the case manager role as Australia’s approach to home care in the aged and disability service sectors
Did you know that the loss of just one occupied bed in a residential aged care facility can lead to profitability falling by over 15%? Given that residential aged care standards ensure that care is ‘a given’, and that location and amenity is largely fixed for an operator, resident lifestyle