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<strong>NDIS Participant Service Agreement</strong>

<strong>Capital Guardians</strong>
<li>agrees to manage the funding of Supports* under the Participant’s Plan* that includes claiming
payment from the NDIS and making payments to Providers;</li>
<li>receive all invoices from vendors and ensures they are immediately represented in the account;
<li>will communicate openly and honestly in a timely manner, treat the Participant with courtesy and
respect, listen to the Participant’s feedback and resolve problems quickly; and protect the
Participant’s privacy and confidential information.</li>
<li>represents any claims entered into CG, and approved are entitled to be funded under the NDIS are
true and correct and which have been provided in accordance with the NDIS Act, the NDIS Rules
and all relevant Agency Guidelines;</li>
<li>notify CG immediately if the Participant’s Plan or the relevant Plan Management Request is
suspended, amended or replaced;</li>
<li>regularly check CG statements online and approve all invoice for payment weekly and immediately
notify CG of any errors or unauthorised transactions; and</li>
<li>acknowledges that sole responsibility for the goods or services (including quality, suitability, fitness,
merchantability, correspondence with any description or sample and accuracy for any purpose)
which are paid for using CG lies with the individual or entity who has provided Supports*.</li>
Defined under the NDIS Act

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