Incorporating Plan Management into an NDIS Plan

Getting the Facts Straight! Incorporating Plan Management into an NDIS plan. Since the NDIS inception, there have been many misunderstandings around Plan Management and how to incorporate this type of financial service in your NDIS plan.  Therefore, let’s finally set the record straight once and for all: Plan Management very simply allows you to track [...]

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What to look for in Selecting a Plan Manager

 Selecting an NDIS Plan Manager.  A recent court case in Sydney has highlighted risks. Due to greater choice and independence offered to clients by the NDIS, a risk can be created. However, this risk can be reduced by setting a few criteria by which to judge potential plan managers. Your financial intermediary/plan manager should have [...]

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Plan Managers in Perspective.

NDIS Participants can choose how to manage the money they receive from the NDIS. One option open to all participants is to use a Plan Manager. Plan Managers are often people with a financial background such as bookkeepers, accountants, or businesses who specialise in the area. It’s a bit like having a personal assistant to [...]

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Managing an NDIS plan

The Differences Explained  It might not seem like it, but the choice between an agency-managed, plan-managed or self-managed NDIS plan is a life-changing decision. This is because each option will either limit or increase the range of support providers that can be hired. We all know how much of a difference a good support can [...]

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Setting up for NDIS success

Choice, control, empowerment and autonomy Choice, control, empowerment and autonomy is the new standard when it comes to Australian government support to individuals in our community. These statements may sound somewhat new-age, but are now being entrenched in law for both the NDIS and aged care with demonstrable evidence-based positive outcomes. The [...]

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