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Capital Guardians provides strong financial governance with minimal administration for clients – all at a negligible cost using:

  • Powerful software that is available at any time on your smartphone or computer, and that integrates and operates within the banking system.
  • A simple intuitive system that claims from the NDIS and pays invoices without reliance on costly manual, error-prone, administrative tasks.
  • A process designed for people like NDIS participants and their representatives that does not rely on technical computer skills or the need to access a computer at all.

The software is ‘cloud’ based and installed in a secure computer in Sydney. It is accessed using the internet from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

By having the system on the cloud, account information is maintained in “real-time”.  This means it is always up-to-date and easily accessible for users who do not have to worry about installing or updating software.

Since 2008, Capital Guardians has been constantly updating and perfecting its system. We provide the best possible user experience for individual financial management in care environments.

User Experience:

  • Service Providers are users who log in to submit invoices.
  • NDIS Participants and their representatives are users who log in to view statements and approve invoices.
  • Plan Managers are users who log in to manage claiming and approval of invoices.
  • With or without computer experience individuals can add service providers, load budgets and start receiving services ideally without requiring instructions (our design intentions).

There are three different ways for users to add service providers:

  • Add shortlisted vendors from a pull-down box;
  • Search for existing Capital Guardians service providers within 15km of your home or by name; or
  • Send an invitation to a service provider using a pre-filled email form.

Once a provider registers, they can use the paperless Capital Guardians smartphone app or other invoicing tools to send invoices and to get paid promptly.

Users will use the Budget menu item to:

  • Enter your yearly budget amounts directly onscreen, or
  • Upload the budget to an Excel file.

After budgets are entered:

  • All unallocated monthly budgets are shaded yellow.
  • Service providers are listed, allowing online bookings to allocate budget and confirm service agreement via email.
  • Allocated bookings are shaded green, showing how much of your budget has been used. If you overspend your budget, the cell will go red.
  • Transactions can be approved in the Statement.

Whether you are using your own NDIS Bank Account and are Self or Plan Managed, or if you use the Capital Guardians NDIS Bank Account as a Self or Plan Managed participant, this is where all your financial records for claiming and audit purposes can be checked and reviewed.


Our service has gained great efficiencies and governance at a very modest cost due to our software. Furthermore, customers do not require a computer, the internet or any technology experience.

  • You can register with a one-page form and mail or fax it to us.
  • We have local telephone numbers in every State, as well as company and individual email addresses.
  • We can set up automatic approvals for you.
  • Statements can be printed for you.
  • We have a Contact Us Form on our website.
  • If you have ever interacted with our team members, you will already have their direct mobile number.
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