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  • money is held in trust for goods and services to the account holder only
  • withdraws can only occur through:
    • registered local vendors who have been approved by the care organisation overseeing the facility or an account holder’s representative
    • use of a Capital Guardians Debit Card, and subsequent approval of expenses within by the organisation or account holder’s representative
    • request for funds return by account holder’s representative.
  • all registered vendors are set with invoice limits, that if exceeded, prevent invoicing and require confirmation with an account holder’s representative
  • all goods and services invoiced are required to have a proof of delivery documentation, that can be presented if requested, or risk invoice reversal

Depending on the facilities petty cash policy, residents can withdraw cash to spend, via the residential facilities petty cash system.

The Benefits

  • Easy access
    to products and services
  • Eliminates administration
  • Access to audit trail
    of expenditure authorisations
  • Environmental – no paper…
  • Transparency of all expenses
  • Ability to set expenditure limits by supplier
  • Automatic “top” of up trust balances when they are low
  • No requirements for trust account management time or software
  • Environmental focus with electronic solutions
  • No requirements to hold trust cash monies within care facilities
  • No significant cash holding for residents
  • Ease of use by residents, power of attorneys, etc

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