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Capital Guardians looks after retirement villages accounting which includes the payments of expenses, that are inclusive of service or maintenance fees, chargeable to residents and the procurement of these services.

Typically expenses include council rates, insurances, repairs and maintenance and general property and accommodation expenses.

Using our system and methodology, retirement village operators outsource the “village” account management for effectively no cost while keeping control over cash flows and business operations. The service:

  • Has no cost to the village operator (see financial impacts).
  • Offers timely payment of expenses through a simple online approval and payment system.
  • Offers easy access to a wider range of vendors, products and services, with the ultimate choice still residing with the village operator.
  • Tailors data and information specifically for a village operator, such as:
    • Chart of accounts
    • Vendor lists
    • Purchase authorities (inclusive of a retirement villages delegation of authority)
  • Includes monthly, quarterly and annual reporting, for example:
    • Expenditure type, month actual, month budget, year to date actual, year to date budget and variances.
    • Online reporting with drill down to pdf invoice (and purchase order number)
    • Forecast reporting.
  • Includes skilled accounting resources (who will assist in budget creation and other accounting matter as required).
  • Offers greater buying power to ensure reduced costs and terms to village operators, without the need to invest this time and effort “in-house”.
  • Facilitates reimbursement of village operator costs from residents.
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