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Capital Guardians offers detailed resident statements, generally accessed via the internet, or, if requested, can be received in the mail, like a traditional bank statement.

Capital Guardians’ statements are presented in a familiar bank style, with withdraw and deposit columns.  Being online, and having integrated with vendors accounting systems, a Capital Guardians statements has further advantages:

  • detailed invoices are attached for more complex goods and services (ie pharmacy, nursing agency, etc), in a pdf format, whereby the detail can be viewed, printed and analysed
  • selection of the invoice number will take the user to a complete audit trail of the individual who uploaded in the invoice, the time of uploading, the individual approving the invoice, time of approval, and payment date and time
  • powerful search tools can be used to review any period, and columns and be sorted by selecting the header of the columns
  • graphs are dynamically generated to show a snap shop of the account use, over categories and time
  • information is available to the start of the account, nothing is archived
  • all transactions information can be exported into CSV file, that can be used to analyse transactions using Excel, and other analysis tools.
  • A “printer” friendly format tool is provided

Other reports are available at request, such as 12 month reports and budget variance reports, these reports are used in more complex homecare reporting and can be viewed in our homecare sections.

Capital Guardians Statement

The Benefits

  • Easy access
    to products and services
  • Eliminates administration
  • Access to audit trail
    of expenditure authorisations
  • Environmental – no paper…
  • Transparency of all expenses
  • Ability to set expenditure limits by supplier
  • Automatic “top” of up trust balances when they are low
  • No requirements for trust account management time or software
  • Environmental focus with electronic solutions
  • No requirements to hold trust cash monies within agedcare facilities
  • No significant cash holding for residents
  • Ease of use by residents, power of attorneys, etc

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