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How does it work?

  1. When residents/representatives register at Capital Guardians a trust account is established and a direct debit is taken (or deposited by a public trustee).
  2. Vendors invoice direct out of their own invoicing system or Capital Guardians online system or mobile app and get paid weekly.  Vendors include any organisation who supports the individual, such a
  • Hairdressers
  • Pharmacies
  • Newsagents
  • Taxis (via personalised taxi card)
  • Supermarket deliveries (ie Coles, Woolworths)
  • Mobile: dentists, physios, podiatrists, nursing, escorts, x-rays, clothing purchases, etc

3. If the account balance falls below a specified minimum, notifications are sent and a further deposit is initiated, increasing the account balance for future payments.

Capital Guardians acts just like a secure bank account that can only be spent on a limited number of products or services.

Albeit, the service is powered largely through the internet. If required the services are accessible without using a computer at all. Account holders can receive statements from their residential facility or in the mail.


The Benefits

  • Easy access to products and services
  • Eliminates administration
  • Access to audit trail of expenditure authorisations
  • Environmental – no paper…
  • Transparency of all expenses
  • Ability to set expenditure limits by supplier
  • Automatic "top" of up trust balances when they are low
  • No requirements for trust account management time or software
  • Environmental focus with electronic solutions
  • No requirements to hold trust cash monies within agedcare facilities
  • No significant cash holding for residents
  • Ease of use by residents, power of attorneys, etc

Register online or by completing the following form:

Customer Registration 2023

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