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In residential environments within the disability sector, typically where there is accommodation with shared facilities (typically less than 10 residents), Capital Guardians holds money for the purposes of paying expenses of the residents.  These expenses can comprise all expenses, including rent, or components of expenditure, such as contributions to household expenses and personal expenses, such as taxis (via a taxi card), personal carers and debit card expenses.

Typically, Capital Guardians will set up an account for the household itself, whereby contributions from the residents are receipted and household expenses, including Coles or Woolworth’s deliveries, electricity/gas, water, cleaning and gardening are expensed.

The implementation process is typical as follows:

  • Organisation with the residential facility complete our Facility Profile form.
  • Letters are sent to residents representatives to register via our online Customer Registration link or by completing the manual form.
  • Suppliers of services are registered via our Vendor Registration link.
  • Debit cards and taxi cards are ordered and linked, and authorisations directed towards, account holder, family or residential provider.
  • The services start on the chosen day, with the receipt of funds from account holders.

Residents and/or their representatives have access to all account details, statements, digital pdf invoices and detailed reports.

The Benefits

  • Service from the holder of an Australian Financial Services License
  • Can be used by self managed or NDIS plan management participants
  • No paperwork or administration work for plan managed NDIS participants
  • Safe and secure transactions with a clear audit trail
  • Statements available online 24/7
  • Easy to learn and simple to use
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