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Bank deposit information

Westpac Australia

  • Capital Guardians
  • BSB: 033305
  • Account number: 550055
  • Reference / description (important): initials and surname (up to 18 characters).  Note, cash deposits at a Westpac Branch will only allow the digits (no name), please ensure the bank teller correctly records the five or six digit Capital Guardians Account Code on on your  deposit slip.

Westpac New Zealand

  • Capital Guardians
  • Bank & Branch:  031509
  • Account: 0079780
  • Suffix: 000
  • Code / Reference (important) resident’s initials and surname are to be shown in the 12 characters of the “Reference” field. If you have the resident’s 6 digit account number which was allocated then this can be shown in the last 6 characters of the “Code” field otherwise leave this field blank.  Note: If payments are made through a teller at any bank / branch then the 6 digit resident account number only needs to be shown (and not the name).

All deposited monies are recognised in the trust account within 12 business hours of making the deposit.   If a deposit is not seen, please contact us (ie keep getting minimum balance warnings).

Individual contributions

For simplicity and peace of mind, the standard form of depositing monies to an account is via Direct Debit.  A direct debit is a process whereby a nominated bank account is debited by a set amount when the account reaches the specified minimum amount.  The amount of the direct debit will be equal the set minimum amount.  If you have not completed a direct debit form, please print, complete and fax the attached form.

Alternatively, a set direct debit dollar value can be taken every month or fortnight upon request.

 Capital Guardians Direct Debit Form

In special circumstances, monies are sent on notification by email when the account balance falls below a minimum amount by family or relatives via electronic funds transfer (EFT).  An EFT is a transaction performed either online via your internet banking website or through your bank’s telephone banking facility.  Monies need to be sent upon request or risk vendors withdrawing their services and dishonor fees.

Alternatively, an individual can take the bank account information below and deposit cash or other monies at any Westpac Bank branch.  No fees are incurred paying a deposit.

Organisations and Institution contributions

Capital Guardians receives monies from many sources, including: care organisations, public and private trustees in every State, Medicare, Centrepay and TAC.  Any deposits must have the individual’s name at minimum identified in the reference.

The Benefits

  • Easy access
    to products and services
  • Eliminates administration
  • Access to audit trail
    of expenditure authorisations
  • Environmental – no paper…
  • Transparency of all expenses
  • Ability to set expenditure limits by supplier
  • Automatic “top” of up trust balances when they are low
  • No requirements for trust account management time or software
  • Environmental focus with electronic solutions
  • No requirements to hold trust cash monies within agedcare facilities
  • No significant cash holding for residents
  • Ease of use by residents, power of attorneys, etc

Register online or by completing the following form:

Customer Registration 2018

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