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Capital Guardians offers financial payment services to individuals in hundreds of residential care facilities.

It’s exactly like a bank account. The service holds a small amount of money in a trust and gives a limited number of authorised vendors a simple way to get paid quickly.

The service is introduced as a payment tool by a residential facility and accommodates four individuals to hundreds. The service is introduced for the following reasons:

  • Eliminate cash risks. Cash is hard work, can go missing, is highly administrative and puts residents and staff at risk.
  • Eliminate personal payments distractions to care facility team members. Facility staff core purpose is around care and supporting the lifestyle of their residents (and generally legislated as well). There is no funding for organisations to manage the personal payments of individuals, so doing so only takes away from their core mission around care.
  • Enhance lifestyle opportunities for residents, without the burden of administration for inexpensive payments for outings, activities, etc.
  • Residential care standards largely ensure that quality care is ‘given’ and location and amenity are ‘fixed’ in the medium term. Subsequently, resident lifestyle is the single most manageable determinate of resident well-being, the viability, and success of a residential care operators.

Additional benefits comprise:

  • Vendors are paid weekly (almost immediately), have a system that allows invoicing of any online device (smartphone, a personal computer) or integrates with any accounting system, and is cheaper than other forms of financial collection.
  • Residents and their representatives have complete control, with real-time online visibility on balances and all transactions.

The Benefits

  • Easy access
    to products and services
  • Eliminates administration
  • Access to audit trail
    of expenditure authorisations
  • Environmental – no paper…
  • Transparency of all expenses
  • Ability to set expenditure limits by supplier
  • Automatic “top” of up trust balances when they are low
  • No requirements for trust account management time or software
  • Environmental focus with electronic solutions
  • No requirements to hold trust cash monies within agedcare facilities
  • No significant cash holding for residents
  • Ease of use by residents, power of attorneys, etc

Register online or by completing the following form:

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