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Residential Care

Capital Guardians is a trust account:
  • holds money for an individuals recurring purchases;
  • with a select number of authorised suppliers who bill effortlessly for weekly payment; and
  • are overseen and approved in a transparent, administration free online system.
We improve the quality of life of individuals' in residential care facilities by eliminating administration burdens on families, carers and external service providers.



Accelerate lifestyle activities by reducing administrative workload


Staff not involved in residential personal financial management


No resident cash held at facility and no re-billing for third party invoices

Reduce Risk

Eliminate or dramatically reduce risks associated with cash management

Pay Fast

We pay service providers quickly to help ensure services are received

Step 1

Capital Guardians becomes part of facility admission process

Step 2

Resident or family member signs up by form or online

Step 3

Service providers directly invoice residents online

Our Customers


I am writing to compliment Capital Guardians for the great customer service I always get whenever I need help or just for general dealings with new customers or when one of our residents move or pass away. I had a conversation this morning with Marcel, he called me in response to an email I sent yesterday afternoon. I mentioned to Marcel that I give him ‘my gold star award’, he is always so helpful and explains things to me so well so our residents and our facility can get best use out of using Capital Guardian accounts. Just wanted to let you know all is appreciated .

Dee - BaptistCare

I have worked with Capital Guardians for 2 years now. They are always available to answer my questions and payments are prompt and very reliable. We were prepared to drop the business if not for Capital Guardians, collecting these payments was becoming too hard. With the recent cuts in pharmacy pricing, we just cannot afford to service nursing homes if we also have to chase payments. Capital Guardians makes this business viable.

Maha Ramzy, Pharmacist
Capital Guardians, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have just spoken to Mum and she is very relieved and less anxious about her debt with the Pharmacist. Especially seeing we are about to request more medications on Friday evening, you have been fabulous to date in assisting with all my inquiries, thank you so very much.

Gail, Daughter of Residential Client

Deposit Details

National Australia Bank

Note, every account has their own bsb and account number, available on login, preferable this is used, as below is dependent on Reference accuracy.

Capital Guardians

BSB: 083-817

Account number:  976768492

Reference / Description: Initials and Surname(up to 18 character


Westpac New Zealand

Capital Guardians

Bank & Branch: 031509

Account: 0079780

Suffix: 00

Code / Reference: First name, Surname and facility are to be shown in the “Reference” fields

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