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Recruiting NDIS Plan Management Representatives

Opportunity for an individual to take on a local (your town or city) representative role for Capital Guardians, a National NDIS Plan Management organisation.

Key Attributes:

  • Selling and customer service
  • Flexible hours
  • National service supporting disability payments
  • You love your job, helping people get the most out of the NDIS care monies

Capital Guardians is looking for the right people that fit our brand and philosophy to support families and organisations to efficiently manage financial transactions with strong and transparent governance.  Our key objective is client wellness and the enemy is administration workload.

The mission of Capital Guardians is to improve the quality of life of individual’s in protected environments.

This is a commission-based role, paying approximately $200 plus $300 per year after that for every NDIS Plan Management client in your region. (increases with increases in NDIS month price increases)

This role will suit individuals who:

  • have a passion for supporting disability care recipients in their local community
  • enjoy networking within their community
  • are enthusiastic to learn about the NDIS and become a specialist in their local community
  • have financial acumen, a strong sense of ethics and ability to independently support clients spend care monies

As a Capital Guardians’ Local Representative, you will:

  • be supported by initial and ongoing training into local marketing and the NDIS payment system
  • have client payments centrally administered, with a state-of-the-art real-time, internet-based, invoicing system that pays providers of services daily
  • receive a remuneration based on your clients, approximating $200 per new client and $300 recurring per annum, paid monthly (75% and 25% of NDIS upfront and ongoing fee respectively)

Success will look like:

  • oversee a significant client base of NDIS Care recipients;
  • earn a remuneration, with a recurring income stream, for just keeping up local relationships as the go-to person for advice and changes;
  • have a personal brand in the local community and be known as the go-to person for independent advice for disability care recipients navigating NDIS and its financial systems; and
  • you love your job, helping people get the most out of the NDIS care monies.

Depending on the individual’s availability and skills, additional, hourly paid, work may also become available.

To apply, please send an email with a cover letter outlining suitability towards the role and a resume.

Please email ross.mcdonald@capitalguardians.com or call 0433 080 447

Capital Guardians NDIS Capabilities

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