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Providers / Suppliers / Vendors

“An Invoicing Tool for Providers of goods and services to effortlessly invoice and get paid fast. To discover how businesses use Capital Guardians, see our FAQ.

Invoicing Instructions

Single Invoicing

Providers with infrequent invoices send single invoice

Invoice via Mobile/PC/Tablet

Multiple Invoicing in One Community

Invoicing group of customers in a single organisation

Hairdressers, gardeners, café, Allied Health Practitioner

Email Invoice

Providers regularly invoicing numbers of customers from their accounting software via email

Pharmacy, Care organisations, NDIS Providers

Upload Spreadsheet Invoicing

Providers send bulk invoices by uploading via spreadsheet


Simple & Integrated Invoicing

Easy Invoicing for several customers at the  same time [example community or email, or spreadsheet upload]

Getting Payment Quickly

Approved Invoices will be paid daily for NDIS Providers, weekly every Friday for Care Providers

Eliminating Administration Cost

Shift your time and effort for administrating the payments to improving the quality of your business

Getting Started! Set up your profile to attract more customers

Maximize your business sales leads with exposure to tens of thousands of Capital Guardians users searching for local providers.

Upload your logo and business description, Insurance, Police Checks, Accreditation Documents to be visible.

Set up NDIS Item Code for NDIS Provider.

How to Register

Create an account now to be exposed to thousands of customers and / or start invoicing.
After selecting register, you will enter your email and follow the link you receive, and enter your business details:
  • contact details;
  • bank deposit instructions, payments made daily for NDIS and Fridays for aged care;
  • Logo upload;
  • Insurance and police documents for business promotion; and
  • Name of client or community (care facility, home care organsiation) for initial invoice.
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