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Providers / Suppliers / Vendors

Our Invoicing Tool for providers of goods & services delivers effortless invoicing, fast payments and increased exposure for your business.

To discover how businesses use Capital Guardians, see our Provider FAQs.


Get Paid Easily and Quickly

Approved invoices will be paid DAILY for NDIS Providers and weekly for Home Care Providers.

Attract New Customers

Register your business and gain exposure to tens of thousands of Capital Guardians customers looking for providers just like you. Visit Provider Search

Simple & Integrated Invoicing

Invoice single or multiple customers at the same time with ease. Our Invoicing section outlines the different ways invoices can be submitted.

Eliminate Administration Costs

Shift your time and effort from financial related administration to growing your business and attracting new customers.

Invoicing Instructions

Single Invoicing

Providers with infrequent invoices who send single invoices via Mobile/PC/Tablet


API (Application Programming Interface)

Use our API to securely connect to any of the software below for easy, automated invoice submission & immediate payment.


Multiple Invoicing in One Community

Invoicing group of customers in a single organisation

Hairdressers, gardeners, café, Allied Health Practitioner

Email Invoice

Providers regularly invoicing numbers of customers from their accounting software via email invoices. 

E.g. Pharmacies, Care Organisations, NDIS Providers

Upload Spreadsheet Invoicing

Providers send bulk invoices by uploading via spreadsheet

Xero API

Enter invoices direct into Xero and on your Xero Approval, will appear in Capital Guardians to be paid.


Coming soon


Coming soon



Getting Started Is Easy!

How to Setup an Account

Create an account now – it will only take a minute to do so and you can start invoicing and get paid quickly. Once you confirm your email address, you will be sent a confirmation link to fill out your business details.  If you have any questions email supplier@capitalguardians.com

Tips for setting up your profile

View video or PDF below for an overview of setting up your profile.

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