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Self Management

NDIS Participants who choose to self manage have more choice and flexibility in using their funding because they can select their own providers of goods and services (NDIS define goods and services as “supports”).

The providers you choose do not have to be NDIS registered, but their specific goods and services must be included in your NDIS plan.

With these choices comes extra work. You need to:

  • Receive invoices from service providers
  • Preferably have a specific bank account for the NDIS funding to separate your NDIS funds from your own personal money
  • Claim your NDIS funding through the NDIS portal so that the goods and services you receive are paid on time
  • Be careful to spend the correct amount of money within the correct NDIS plan (budget) categories
  • Show the NDIS your financial records: exactly how much you have spent, and where you have spent it.

You can do all this yourself, perhaps with the help of a family member or friend, and you can make this job easier with the online tool provided by Capital Guardians an NDIS Financial Intermediary.

By using the Capital Guardians’ free online tool, you can:

  • Receive all invoices online
  • Use a Capital Guardians bank account to receive NDIS funds and automate your payments
  • Find thousands of service providers and product vendors using the vendor search
  • Use the Capital Guardians CalmaxPlanningTM software to manage service bookings and spending
  • Be confident that your financial records are safely stored in one place

If you are deemed ineligible for self management or just want to avoid doing any claiming and service booking efforts, you have the right to receive Plan Management funding in addition to the funding you have already been allocated.

Plan Management

Benefits of Chosen Option
Management type NDIA Self Plan
No cost to you
Access to Registered Providers
Access to Unregistered Providers
Help to find or change providers
Help to make sure all your service agreements are signed
All your bills paid for you
All your paperwork kept for you
Help to keep track of your spending
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