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Plan Management

NDIS Participants can choose how to manage the money they receive from the NDIS.

One option open to all participants is to use a Plan Manager. Plan Managers are often people with a financial background such as bookkeepers, accountants, or businesses who specialise in the area. It’s a bit like having a personal assistant to help with the financial administration – the time-consuming detailed work that the participant would otherwise have to do.

For the participant, using a Plan Manager means keeping the choice and flexibility of self-management in how funding is used, and being able to personally select providers of goods and services (called “supports” by the NDIS).

The basic role of the Plan Manager, also known by the NDIS as a Financial Intermediary, is to receive invoices from providers (supports) and claim the appropriate funds from the NDIS.

Financial administration work, including claiming and paying invoices, and detailed record keeping is done for the participant who receives regular financial statements from the Plan Manager. Some plan managers offer extra services, such as finding and booking providers and helping Participants build their financial and budgeting skills. In some circumstances the NDIS will fund the extra services, classifying them as service intermediary support.

Capital Guardians is an NDIS Registered Financial Intermediary offering services to both participants and Plan Managers.  Where a Plan Manager uses Capital Guardians, there is no cost to the NDIS plan.  They are freed up from financial administration processing, Capital Guardians automates all claiming and payments.

NDIS Registered Plan Managers use Capital Guardians to manage single or multiple clients’ NDIS plans online.

Any participants can request Plan Management without impacting their plan.  The NDIS is required to add the funding for Plan Management upon request.

To keep their options open, and retain flexibility and control of how their NDIS funds are spent, NDIS participants are recommended to request Plan Management.

If you are already an NDIS Participant, you can request Plan Management with a Change of Circumstances form available here.

Capital Guardians offers its Plan Manager clients and Self-Managed clients:

  • Access to thousands of existing vendors and local vendors via our vendor search
  • “Freedom” debit cards, enabling participants to buy goods and services within their plan from “once-off” providers
  • Payment management, combined with 24 hour a day, 7 day a week account access to check balance, deposits and expenses
  • A paperless system – all you need to access Capital Guardians is an internet connected computer, tablet or smart-phone
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