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Capital Guardians is a Registered NDIS Plan Manager throughout Australia.

To keep options open and retain flexibility and control of how NDIS funds are spent, NDIS participants can request Plan Management without any cost or impact on the existing NDIS Plan.

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Invoices Paid Daily

We pay service providers and reimburse claims every day. 
All you have to do is approve invoices.

Benefits of Capital Guardians Plan Management

We Pay Fast

We claim and pay service providers daily


Track real-time expenditure and monthly statements


Search and link with service providers and our responsive team

No Paper

No lost invoices and access to your account from any device


Have peace of mind your information is protected

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My son lives in Scope supported accomodation. I chose Capital Guardians because they offer peace of mind, knowing that their online system is transparent and efficient. That is, I can see all invoices from approved service providers when lodged and know they will be paid quickly. I can also lodge a claim for the reimbursement of expenses and this is paid almost immediately.

Graeme Crawford, Parent of NDIS Participant
I have worked with Capital Guardians for 2 years now. They are always available to answer my questions and payments are prompt and very reliable. We were prepared to drop the business if not for Capital Guardians, collecting these payments was becoming too hard. With the recent cuts in pharmacy pricing, we just cannot afford to service nursing homes if we also have to chase payments. Capital Guardians makes this business viable.

Maha Ramzy, Pharmacist Service Provider
Your advice and help has been amazing. You have been nothing but reliable, honest, helpful, friendly, organised efficient, professional and go above and beyond to help me with my questions and difficulties navigating the NDIS. If it wasn’t for you I couldn’t have got through it all. You answer my emails quickly, return my calls quickly, and 99.5 percent of the time you answer your phone!!! You know the whole ins and out of the NDIS and it’s so impressive. I’m so lucky to have found you. There is no one that I feel that I can trust more managing my funds than you. You should be proud of yourself. Your work ethic is flawless. Thanks so much.

E. G. NDIS Participant
I am very impressed by your service. You have a number of my clients are they are all happy to deal with Capital Guardians.

Jane, NDIS Support Coordinator

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All you need is your NDIS Plan with a budget for Plan Management services


Most frequent questions and answers

To be plan managed, you must have ‘Improved Life Choices’ included in your NDIS plan, which covers all plan management fees so there is no cost to you.

If you have an upcoming planning meeting or review, be sure to request Improved Life Choices is included in your plan. 

If you have a current plan that does not have Improved Life Choices included, you can request a review of your NDIS plan to have plan management included. 

Yes! You can change plan managers any time. If you intend to transfer over to us during the dates of your current plan, you will need to two things: 
1. Contact the NDIA on 1800 800 110 to advise them 
2. Request your current/previous plan manager cancels their service booking and reduce their available funds to zero

No cost. Being plan managed means no out of pocket costs to you.

When you request Improved Life Choices be included in your plan, the NDIA will cover all plan management fees. This includes the initial set up cost (per plan) as we support your transition to plan management, as well as our flat rate monthly fees.

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