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Home Care
Consumer Directed Financial Management

We eliminate the need for consumer directed financial accounting software and staffing for approved providers of home care.

Our tools allow case managers to view and approve invoices in real-time to pay providers of care immediately, reconcile government subsidies, while providing care recipients real-time statements.

How can we help Case Managers?


Manage income and expenditure


Simplify budget management


Client and family online portal


Approve payments


Organise suppliers


Generate real-time statements


We chose Capital Guardians because it’s easy to use, cost effective, has a good user interface & an excellent response time for any issues that arise.

John Michanetzis - Manager HCP, Spectrum

We chose to use Capital Guardians because it negated the need for separate bank accounts and complex management systems for clients’ incoming funds from the government and invoices from all our suppliers.

John Krisenthal - Director, 365 Care

The major reason we chose Capital Guardians was that we had a big problem paying bills. Small providers were waiting up to 3 months for payment and this was unsustainable. Capital Guardians guaranteed payment in 7 days, significantly improving our relationships with providers.

Tony Maher - CEO, Healthecare

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