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At its core Capital Guardians are similar to a bank, whereby your money, however little or large, is stored in an account, that along with its transactions are visible 24 hours a day 7 days per week. All monies are held in a trust under a financial governance structure (AFS Licence), overseen by the government financial regulator ASIC.

Capital Guardians’ financial management pedigree is complimented with best practice paperless options. This includes invoicing, approval, reporting and workflow management tools to ensure an audit trail and integrity in all transactions. The control is always with the authorised signatories.

Capital Guardians is a niche provider of financial management services to the individual organisations that support aged care, disability and child protection. We allow these organisations to focus on their key care role, not administration and its costs, while supporting bank-grade financial governance for the smallest of transactions.

The governance, accountability and transparency requirements around these transactions are underpinned by numerous legislative and statutory requirements, including Corporations Act (2001); Aged Care Act (1997); National Disability Insurance Scheme Act (2013), and various State Acts.

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For all vendors of goods and services, Capital Guardians provides a tool to eliminate payment administration so they get paid quicker and easier.

We also:

    • Simplify administration and billing of clients, via billing one organisation (Capital Guardians).
    • Use the automated billing system that interfaces with any invoicing/accounting system, without development or interface costs, or invoice from an app!
    • Help you get found by customers looking for goods and services
  • No current accounting system? Use our smart online invoicing system.
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