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Project Goals

Healthe Care is the largest private hospital  operator in Australia and operates two autonomous home care services in NSW.   The organisation was struggling with the Consumer Directed Care requirements  required for the hundreds of home care packages they operated as:

  • their  existing care management systems could not produce acceptable individualised  statements
  • the  hospital finance division could not pay external vendors with any reliability  or within any reasonable time frame, putting their whole business at risk

Our Solution

  • Eliminated the need for the hospital group’s  accounts payable to be involved in home care.
  • Enabled a budget discipline and ensured  accountability for individual budgeting sat with trained case managers
  • Ensured Medicare monies circumvent the centralised  finance department and is immediately credited to the appropriate individuals account  for real-time statement visibility
  • Enabled online approvals and ability for home care  executives to assign approvers to ensure immediate payment of approved provider  invoices.

Measurable Results

  • Both separately managed home care businesses  took responsibility for total delivery of their home care packages  independently, without any requirement for finance support from the overarching  Healthcare Group.
  • Hundreds of local, independent service  providers are managed by the local teams and paid immediately for services to  their home care clients, without the need for  paper.
  • Many care recipients access their own  statements online, logins managed by the local care teams.
  • Invoicing errors are either avoided completely now or rectified within days of the receipt of a faulty invoice



— Tony Maher; CEO, Healthecare

“The major reason we chose Capital Guardians was that we had a big problem paying bills. Small providers were waiting up to 3 months for payment and this was unsustainable. Capital Guardians guaranteed payment in 7 days, significantly improving our relationships with providers. The system made life so much easier for us & took considerable work off the finance dept- its great. ”

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Project Goals

To allow this multicultural, Melbourne based new approved provider to add home care package management to their offerings, as opposed to their traditional role as direct carer to the clients of other approved providers.

The organisation was setup for direct care, however, it lacked software for management of home care packages, including, budgeting, funding allocation, statement preparation and direct debiting of means tested fees.

Our Solution

Capital Guardians for Home Care can

  • provide templates and discipline around setting budgets,
  • ensure prompt Medicare home care claiming and automated reconciliations to allow timely funding of home care packages
  • automate monthly case management and administration invoicing directly, avoiding extra administrative work creating invoices
  • offer a paperless invoicing portal for client suppliers, including their own direct care business, ensuring providers invoices automate from their existing systems without administrative burden
  • create real- time statements and/or on-demand access for all clients and their representatives 24/7, where printing can be avoided
  • offer taxi cards to record on the statements, in real time, pickup and drop off locations on their online statements
  • provide online invoice approvals for all the Spectrum case managers, ensure suppliers are paid weekly

Measurable Results

  • The strength of a financial management platform, that represents a single version of the truth, and real time visibility for all stakeholders of invoice submission and progression to quick payment has allowed the business to have no financial challenges letting the small management team focus on building the business and their capabilities in other areas.
  • Within a year, the approved provider business went from no clients and one case manager, to over 80 clients and several case managers.


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