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FAQ Residents and Representatives

How to Register?
Cabcharge Cards
How do I see monthly statements?
Can I pay all expenses through Capital Guardians?
Challenging an Invoice
How do I control the spending in Capital Guardians?
Closing an account

How to Register?

The easiest and quickest method is to register online. Visit the Capital Guardians website, and select the register button in the top right: https://capitalguardians.com/BFC/users/register

Enter an email address and click the “register” button.

In a few minutes, check inbox for an email from Capital Guardians. Follow the link and complete details. Under the “Community (Facility name)” type the facility name or suburb. Select from the list. Enter the mandatory fields marked with a red asterisk *

Alternatively, complete the PDF registration form either by the Adobe Acrobat DC app or by emailing a scanned copy to: customer@capitalguardians.com

Ordering Cabcharge Cards

Cabcharge cards are issued in client names and can be used in any taxi anywhere in Australia. All trips time and locations will be shown in the Capital Guardians statement weekly.

In ordering the Cabcharge Card, the user and their representative agrees to be financially responsible for all taxi trips taken on the card, and indemnify Capital Guardian for any costs it may incur regarding the use of the card. Trip limits can be built into the card, and email notifications and maps sent for every trip.

To order a taxi card please complete following Cabcharge request.

Cabcharge Cancellation

To cancel a card instantly, follow this link https://www.cabcharge.com.au/members/card-management, enter your contact details and where it asks for “Card number”, enter the card name (unless you have the number). There is a Cabcharge contact centre to also cancel a card: 1800 652 229.

Alternatively, we can cancel a Cabcharge Card,  click here or call us direct 03 9008 9992 to report it for cancellation.

How do I see monthly statements?

Monthly statements and balances can be seen as follows:

  • Any computer, smartphone or tablet at our website.
  • From the care home reception, as they can print one on request.
  • Request a monthly statement mailed to your address at $7 per month.

Accounts are in ‘real-time’.  As soon as a service provider submit their invoices, the accounts are ready to be reviewed.

All service providers, big and small, are provided with very simple efficient tools. This is within Capital Guardians to get invoices in, with or without accounting system support.

Can I pay all expenses through Capital Guardians?

Service providers need to become part of the Capital Guardians network. If a service provider chooses not to use Capital Guardians for invoicing, they will need to deal with the participant directly regarding payments for goods and services.

A few Service Providers generally choose not to deal with Capital Guardians for two main reasons:

  • They want to be paid cash; or
  • Their processes and accounting systems are designed for mass billing (i.e., Telecommunications), or immediate settlement (i.e., credit card)

Challenging an invoice

  • If an account holder has a query in relation to a service providers charge, then they should liaise directly with the service provider with regard to the charge.  Service providers contact details are contained on the “Providers” menu on login. Mistakes happen, and these will be fixed immediately by the service provider by crediting the account.
  • Should there be any issues communicating with a service provider or obtaining an immediate credit, contact us by phone or email.
  • Capital Guardians does not check the validity of services or products on service providers’ invoices as this is the responsibility of the account holder or representative.
  • Contractually, all service providers must keep a “proof of delivery of goods or services” record and present it on request. If there is a disagreement regarding a charge and the proof of delivery cannot be presented, then Capital Guardians will reverse the charge. This process is very similar to how credit card company “chargebacks” work.

How do I control the spending in Capital Guardians?

Capital Guardians has a significant number of controls for customers to control expenditure, including:

  • Selecting the service providers who have access to invoice the resident (including taking service providers off).
  • Expenditure limits per service provider.. Note, facilities are also service providers and limits can be made here on the amount of cash given out.
  • Using the budget and booking tool available organisations or self-managed account holders and/or their representatives. The booking tool allows users to allocate a budget to a number of service providers and ensuring requests for goods and services are kept within budget, and the service provider has written confirmation of what can be invoiced.

Please note, the system controls above are really a backup. The most appropriate control comprises individual discussions with service providers and/or carers (i.e., care organisation) on appropriate spending, affordability, and limits. It is very important for service providers to understand restrictions independently of the Capital Guardians system not allowing an invoice to be created. If an invoice cannot be created, it does not mean a debt is not owed .

Closing an account

Login, select the Contact menu item and request an account closure.

There are no costs and funds will be returned after giving service providers seven business days’ notice regarding any expenses outstanding.

As soon as we become aware of a departure, we will:

  • Send an acknowledgment to the account’s representative (power of attorney) with the existing balance and notification that the funds will be returned by EFT after seven business days, or alternative time where directed by the care organisation.  This will be less any invoice deductions dated prior to their departure.
  • Send a notice to all service providers, giving them five business days to ensure all pre-departure invoices are entered.
  • In the first instance, the money is returned automatically to the bank account details we have on file (direct debit).
  • Where the bank account is not on record or the account is closed, refunds:
    • under $500 are sent to the next of kin, maybe, with a signed indemnity;
    • over $500 and under $15,000, in the first instance, request the solicitor acting on behalf of the Estate’s contact details and bank trust details to send the monies;
    • where there is no solicitor, and the monies owing is between $500 and $15,000, a signed indemnity is required and Capital Guardians Managing Director Approval; and
    • over $15,000, require a Grant of Probate, being a document issued by the court certifying the will’s validity and confirming the appointment of an executor to administer the deceased estate.
  • Money is returned by electronic transfer.

Please note, Capital Guardians is regulated under ASIC as a provider of financial services and all money must be returned, regardless of value. If we cannot return money after making reasonable efforts, money is required to be sent to the relevant government office (unclaimed deposits) after 12 months.

Care Facility

How does it work?

Setup and close accounts

How to register a new resident?
How do I set up Public Trustee residents?
How to register a new service provider/provider?
What if I have joint account request?
Closing an account?


How to create an invoice?
How to fix an incorrect invoice?
Deleting an invoice
Can I put an invoice in for a resident on behalf of a supplier?
Cash requests!


Printing a statement?
How do I approve entertainer invoices?
How to add, delete and modify facility logins in the Support office dashboard?

Debit Card Usage

How do I delete historical debit card transactions?
How do I allocate a debit card transaction which do not appear in the unallocated list?
How do I reset the Debit Card portal username/password and PIN?

How to register a new resident?

The easiest and quickest method is for a family member to register online on Capital Guardians website. Find the register button on the top right and click.

Alternatively, complete the PDF registration form and fax to 03 8677 9255 or email to customer@capitalguardians.com

How do I set up Public Trustee residents?

Residents who are not personally responsible for their monies or have no family or friends as their Financial Power of Attorney have an paid external admistrator or their pension invome and assets.  To establish a Public Trustee resident with Capital Guardians, the care facility staff to:

  • Register the resident with Capital Guardians by emailing the residents full name and the [Public] Trustee details to customers@capitalguardians.com (no registration form required).
  • Contact the Public Trustee to request “allowance / comfort monies) to directly deposited into the residents Capital Guardians account. The account details can be found by selecting the residents name whilst in the “viewer” section of the Capital Guardians portal.

Note, pharmacy invoices are not processed by Capital Guardians for Public Trustees. Pharmacies must send invoices direct to the Public Trustee.

How to register a new service provider?

  • Invite the service provider when logged into the Capital Guardians system by clicking on the “Viewer” menu option. Then  click on the “Providers” tab. Enter the service providers email address in the “Invite a provider to register for invoicing via the Capital Guardians” field. Then click the “Invite” button. An email will be generated, inviting the service provider to register via the online process.
  • Alternatively, instruct the service provider to visit the Capital Guardians website. The service provider will need to click on the “Register” blue button in the top right side.  After receiving an email with a link, enter the mandatory fields marked with a red asterisk *.
  • Important, under the “Community (Facility name)” type the facility name or suburb and select from the list.

After registering, all accounts will need to be linked to the service provider so they can invoice. The facility can link these, by selecting relevant residents or contact Capital Guardians, to link them all.

Alternatively, complete the Provider Registration Form either by the Adobe Acrobat DC app or by emailing a scanned copy to customer@capitalguardians.com

What if I have a joint account request?

Capital Guardians will not open joint accounts as it can cause confusion with providers of goods and services invoicing.  It will also result in premature closing of the account if one resident leaves.

  • Accounts can only be in one name.
  • Two accounts can access the same bank account
  • If a second account is not used much, it is recommended you request a fee-free account, that has no $36 yearly fee, instead a 4% surcharge on expenditures.

At the time of provision of a good or service providers can be requested to invoice a single name.

Closing an account?

Login into the Capital Guardians website.  Click on “Contact” in the main menu. In the “Associated Account” field, search and select the resident. In the Subject field type in reason – “ACCOUNT CLOSURE”. In the Description field type in either “PASSED AWAY & DATE” or “MOVED OUT & DATE” and click on Submit.

In the background, the system will notify all service providers to issue outstanding invoices and the remaining money will be credited back into the resident’s bank account. This will typically happen within seven working days.

How to create an invoice?

Login into the Capital Guardians website. Click on “Invoice” in the main menu.  Select the underlined community name, which is directly underneath the Invoice by Community heading.

  • A list of residents at the community will appear.
  • Identify the residents who need to be invoiced.
  • In the $ column adjacent to the resident name type in the invoice value.
  • In the Description dialog box type in a concise description of the item or service.

By default, the “Generate Invoice #” option will be ticked, meaning the system automatically generates the next sequential number.

If required, you can scan and attach a receipt for a single account by clicking the paperclip icon.

Generally, lifestyle activity receipts are not attached, as they relate to multiple residents, these get filed. (if required later)

After selecting “Submit,” all invoices will be processed immediately and can be reviewed by clicking on “Transactions” in the main menu.

How to fix an incorrect invoice?

This instruction is for any service provider, including the facility themselves.

If the invoice has not been approved or paid, select the transaction number in the Transactions menu, then delete, with a message.

If approved or paid, you need to create another invoice, however, with an adjusting amount and a short explanation. For example, if you sent an incorrect invoice of $20, create another invoice (i.e., raise multiple invoices) for the account, with a negative value: -20, and a description to explain the entry “Cancellation of invoice incorrectly entered.”

You can also use the same invoice number, slightly modified, i.e. put a “c” on the end for credit. This adjustment will immediately be recognised in the client’s account.  The next provider payment will be short paid this amount.

Deleting an invoice

To delete an invoice, log into Capital Guardians website. Click on “Transactions” in the main menu. Select the underlined invoice number of the invoice which needs to be deleted in the “Recent Transactions” table.

Please note, invoices which are “Paid” status cannot be deleted.

When in the transaction detail area, type in a reason why the invoice needs to be deleted in “message to the service provider about the invoice:” dialog box. Select the “send & delete” button. Deleting of invoice successfully completed.

Can I put an invoice in for a resident on behalf of a supplier?

The supplier must be registered with Capital Guardians, then facility staff can put an invoice in on behalf of the supplier.

  • After registration, facility staff will select the “Viewer” menu option and then select the underlined residents name.
  • Under “Authorised Providers”, identify the supplier, then select the invoice icon.
  • In the single invoice fill out the description, the amount and upload file (invoice) by selecting browse to the location on the computer where the invoice has been saved
  • Select the “Send Invoice” button to submit the invoice.

Cash requests!

It is not the role of an aged care operator and actually illegal to be actually facilitating and managing someones money without authority.

“Management” of personal monies and “Authority” must be the finanical power of attorney (State Leglislation), or the individual themselves (if capability). Financial managers ususally have a budget. Individuals who do not manage their own money have a public trustee appointed or it might be family or friends.

Individual’s managing their own cash are generally more independent, getting money from ATM’s, using their own debit card, or getting cash from family and keeping locked in their room.

Individuals who are not independent would generally be with a staff member, who would purchase on their behalf with a Capital Guardians Debit Card.

Aged care operators, rarely, offer a personal book keeping service, and if they did, it is taking resources away from care and lifestyle, as they are not funded to provide pesonal book keeping services.

It is up to the responsible party then to ensure money is accessable when its needed and to do this:

  • Capital Guardians obtains the authority to take care of non-cash payments direct to service providers, and ensures transparancy and sourcing the funds. This includes staff use of a debit card
  • a debit card can be requested in the name of the resident, knowing that there is a risk if misplaced and used (tap and go)
  • with agreement of an aged care organisation, they can supply cash to the individual. There might or might not be a cash handling charge here, and agreed limits and controls, as staff have to be trained and follow strict cash management process.

Printing a statement?

Login into the Capital Guardians website. Click on “Viewer” in the main menu.  Identify the resident, then click on the underlined dollar amount in the next column. At the very top of the statement, click on the PDF icon. The system will generate a detailed PDF statement, which then can be printed.

How do I approve entertainer invoices?

Entertainer invoices need to be approved by the appointed facility staff member. The approver will receive an email to login and approve invoices. In the statement view, look for invoices which contain a green colour underlined “Approve”.

How to add, delete and modify facility logins in the Support office dashboard?

Facility login’s comprise only staff logins, this can be managed by head office staff with an Admin menu item.

Select “Admin” in the main menu.

Select the “+” next to the facility name. To add a new user select (+ New User). To amend or reset the password for an existing user, select the pen and paper icon and to delete the user select the circle with a cross.

How do I delete historical debit card transactions?

Where you might have historical debit card transactions that are already allocated, and you need to delete.

  1. Identify a transaction in the “Unallocated” list
  2. Select the transaction to be deleted by selecting the transaction in the pull-down menu adjacent to the invoice total dialog box
  3. Select the x surrounded by a circle to delete the transaction.

How do I allocate a debit card transaction which do not appear in the unallocated list?

  1. Select underlined dollar value balance beneath the Debit Account heading
  2. Select “Allocation” button
  3. When in the allocation area. Then select “Create allocation” and then select “create allocation” in pull-down menu below. Then enter invoice amount in “amount” dialog box.

Video Instruction:

How do I reset the Debit Card portal username/password and PIN?

This done via the debit card portal listed on the back of your debit card.

Select the underlined “Forgot Your Password?” or “Forgot User ID? Follow the instructions and security questions to reset the user id and password.

To change the debit card PIN select:

  • the “Additional Services” menu option
  • “Change PIN” – the current PIN is required

If the PIN has been forgotten or misplaced, contact Debit Card customer service via telephone on 1800 914 332.


Instruction Booklets

Care Facility Instruction Booklet 


Support Office Instruction Booklet


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