Residential care for aged and disabled

Grow by getting simpler

Our first residential aged care clients in 2008 had nothing. Our first brochure appeared in 2011, it evolved as we continued our develop our communication, in absence of competitors, in explaining what we did.  It has always been difficult. Our new 2018 brochure takes a less is more approach, especially when it comes to writing. [...]

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How to navigate…NDIS meets Aged Care

Australia has two separately operated mega billion-dollar government departments, different legalisation, infrastructure, budgets, rules and reporting.  However, both have the same agenda in terms of services, rights and control to the care recipient.  Both are either consumer directed, or have a road map (ie residential aged care) to become consumer directed, with seamless funding linked [...]

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Residential Consumer Directed Care: The People Pleasing Industry is already here

Home care is already 100% consumer directed care (CDC), with funding and choice sitting with individuals with home care packages. Both the Department of Human Services and industry associations inform us that Residential CDC is now being planned. As a result a ‘Road Map’ has been developed and research funded to inform us of what [...]

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The Lifestyle Profit Multiplier: Lifestyle in aged care

Did you know that the loss of just one occupied bed in a residential aged care facility can lead to profitability falling by over 15%? Given that residential aged care standards ensure that care is ‘a given’, and that location and amenity is largely fixed for an operator, resident lifestyle will be the single [...]

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Best practice aged care management reporting

Best practice in business requires focus on the right measures, to help drive the right behaviours in optimising long term performance and risk management. It is also about getting the balance right, allowing managers to manage, and get report only on what matters. Otherwise, eliminate administrative burdens. Driving performance requires a focus on few key indicators, [...]

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