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Care recipients & guardians

At its core, Capital Guardians is similar to a bank, whereby your money, however, little or large, is stored in an account, that along with its transactions is visible 24hours a day 7 days per week.  All monies are held in trust under a financial governance structure (AFS Licence) overseen by the government financial regulator ASIC.

Capital Guardians’ financial management pedigree is complimented with best practice paperless invoicing, approval, reporting and workflow management tools to ensure and audit trail and integrity all all transactions back to the control of the authorised signatories.

In addition to the security around financial expenditures, the system offers best practice reporting (via mobile or desktop), starting with simple transactions and balance reports to full income and expenditure statements with drill down abilities through to the invoice itself.   The reporting available to guardians, to a level as deep as any other user, also supports our security motivations in keeping transparency front and centre “sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants” (Louis Brandeis).  Finally, there is of course the comfort of our auditors in the background randomly checking appropriate authorisation documentation by suppliers.

For the guardians and carers of individuals in a residential facility, signup now via the “register now” button above or by printing the form below and faxing to us:

  Customer Registration 2018

  Instructions for Statement Viewing

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