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Integrated Capital Guardians reloadable debit cards

Our cards offer a highly secure, non-administrative, alternative to cash for residential lifestyle teams or individuals low value, independent spending or through a managed government program (ie NDIS, aged care homecare package).

The cards are ideal for allowing independence, and paying vendors outside the Capital Guardians network, by tap or pin (over $100), or ATM cash withdraw, while giving transaction transparency, governance and not available with other alternatives, including cash.

  • No 100 point check, however, still named by individual or organisation
  • Order online, cost $10, delivered within three business days
  • Organisations, eliminate petty cash, and use when spending on behalf on account holders, any expenditure can be captured by the Capital Guardians mobile app, allocated, approved and card topped up that week.
  • Individuals can link card to their Capital Guardians account (personal, homecare or NDIS), expenditures approved by family or organisation are put back onto card that week.

Card registration process

  1. “Contact us”, when logged in, we will send you a link to register online for a card, whereby you put a once off financial float (ie $300) on the card
  2. You receive a card, and can use immediately
  3. All transactions on the card must be authorised by the individual’s financial representative, and the monies spent are put back on the card that week.
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