How to speed up NDIS payments and claims

Complaints about delayed NDIS payments continue, but Participants and Service Providers can do one thing to gain more control without involving the agency - by choosing the right Plan Manager to manage their funds. Many people dissatisfied with the scheme have reported the impact of slow payments on funded and approved plans. Some participants wait [...]

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Home care management fees falling

Recent survey to Approved Providers of home care package services are showing the administration costs are falling as a percentage of the home care package income. The results are strongly reflecting new home care operators coming in with significant lower management fees, and in some cases no fees. The survey run by Capital Guardians had [...]

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ATO Finalises home care ruling

After a couple of years of consultations, the ATO has finalised their position regarding GST and homecare packages. Except from cancelling some private rulings and now clarifying some grey areas, inconsistently managed by different operations, there is not much change from what is already the main practice: The invoices of an Approved Provider are generally [...]

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Grow by getting simpler

Our first residential aged care clients in 2008 had nothing. Our first brochure appeared in 2011, it evolved as we continued our develop our communication, in absence of competitors, in explaining what we did.  It has always been difficult. Our new 2018 brochure takes a less is more approach, especially when it comes to writing. [...]

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How to navigate…NDIS meets Aged Care

Australia has two separately operated mega billion-dollar government departments, different legalisation, infrastructure, budgets, rules and reporting.  However, both have the same agenda in terms of services, rights and control to the care recipient.  Both are either consumer directed, or have a road map (ie residential aged care) to become consumer directed, with seamless funding linked [...]

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