Finding the right NDIS service provider

Your NDIS funds have been allocated to help you achieve your goals. Besides having the necessary funds, you also need the right supports. Knowing how to find the right service provider can be challenging, but asking the right people and questions can help. Once you’ve identified the types of services that may help you achieve [...]

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What is an NDIS Service Agreement?

A Service Agreement is a different document to your NDIS Plan. The NDIS Plan explains what you want to do, what your goals are, and the support you need to achieve your goals. A Service Agreement outlines the working relationship you have with your service provider. It says you and your service provider both agree [...]

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How Plan Managed Providers get paid overnight

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (“NDIS”) has reflected modern expectations and the need for quick service payments, paying electronic claims within 2 working days. However, processing and system inefficiencies for Plan-managed and Self-managed NDIS plans can take weeks, sometimes months to pay providers. Traditional Process for paying Service Providers (Plan and Self-Managed) Providers invoice per [...]

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Budgeting for a child with special needs (with or without NDIS funding)

While any household with a special needs child needs to manage extra expenses on top of normal living costs, early preparation can help. Australia’s NDIS aims to fund ‘reasonable and necessary’ supports for people living with a disability. Some parents have requested more - wanting the best for their child, but often this is not [...]

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Use it or Lose it – Spending your NDIS money

Spend all the funds in your NDIS plan. Whether you’re agency-managed, plan-managed or self-managed, it’s important to get the most out of your budget and supports.   Brimbank mother Sheryl Peck encourages parents to maximise their spend of current plans to increase the chances of approval for future funding. In 2017, Sheryl did her best [...]

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