NDIS Snapshot – Sept 2020

The NDIS is moving towards its expected size, just below half a million Australians. It has created an industry, moving towards ten thousand organisations that currently provide care services (15,000+ since commencement) and who ensure NDIS participants have significant choice. Infographic summarises key participation data as at Sept 2020.

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It’s Your Right To Choose Who Sees You Naked

We’re talking about personal care. For many people with a home care package or access to NDIS, personal care is a daily ritual that requires some extra help. Even if you don’t need personal care assistance - you want to choose who comes into your home as a support worker in any role.  Having a [...]

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Reasonable and Necessary – the Role of Plan Management

To date, Plan Managers have had the reasonable and necessary checklists, ensuring that any expenditure: Is related to the participants disability;assists to meet goals;encourages community participation;is effective; anddoes not replace other established community supports. Now, with the release of the NDIS Plan Management guide, the role of NDIS plan management has been further defined with [...]

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Finding Great Carers

Australia is leading the world in giving care recipients choice and control over the types of services they need and the care providers they seek to help them achieve their goals Although the government provides the funds and has formally handed over decision making to the recipients of care services, one thing they cannot do [...]

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5 Tips For Attracting And Keeping Quality Carers

With the increasing funding behind NDIS and Aged Care, demand for carers is at an all-time high.  As a result carers are often in the position to choose their own clientele, opting to be selective regarding the customers they service. Individuals backed by government funding in desperate need of services can often find themselves with [...]

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