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Ross McDonald B.Comm (Hons), CA, MBA, is the founder of Capital Guardians, a ‘paypal’ for aged care (residential personal expenses and home care packages) and disability clients (plan management).

6 Different Approaches to CDC Home Care Provision

There are several different approaches to CDC home care provision evident in the aged care marketplace. Here we explore the characteristics of 6 of the most common: 1. The Jobs & Care Approach Prior to deregulation, organisations were able to tender for home care packages, and were not required to disclose financial statements to their [...]

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Pushing The Limits of Self-Management

Home care package self management: The Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and Home Care Packages Program (HCPP) primary purposes  are to allow elderly Australians supported by Federal Government funds to stay safely in their own homes for longer. CHCP is composed of targeted services to individuals from organisations funded by the Government. Whereas, HCPP was [...]

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CDC Home Care Packages: What do we know 12 months on?

Home care package funding recipients (consumers) were set free on the 27th February 2017 to choose their own approved provider (Provider).  Twelve months on quite a lot has happened following the introduction of consumer directed care home care packages, although not a full-blown revolution, more of a ‘movement’, there are strong indicators of what [...]

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10 Point Checklist for CDC Success

Below we give our 10 Point Checklist for CDC (consumer directed care) success for home care providers and case managers: 1.      Medicare claims accountability, transparent and sitting with correct organisational role All home care operators have a Medicare subsidy claim process in place, however, a significant number do not have Medicare funds coming [...]

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Setting up for NDIS success

Choice, control, empowerment and autonomy Choice, control, empowerment and autonomy is the new standard when it comes to Australian government support to individuals in our community. These statements may sound somewhat new-age, but are now being entrenched in law for both the NDIS and aged care with demonstrable evidence-based positive outcomes. The [...]

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