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We believe that administration workload and complexity should not exist for basic individual needs.

Capital Guardians improve the quality of life of individual’s in protected environments, by supporting their families and organisations to efficiently manage financial transactions with strong and transparent governance.

The service is ideally suited to individuals:

  • overseeing the finanical management can care of other persons and want the transparency, governance and security without the workload;
  • who use Capital Guardians as a digital wallet – a single convenient account that manages payments to a restricted number of trusted businesses;
and organisations who:
  • oversee the care of individuals (ie disability and aged care operators);
  • regularly invoice individuals for personal supplies and require simple billing and prompt payment;
  • consider Capital Guardians as a replacement for their accounts receivable requirements and a paperless extension of their billing system.

In an operational sense:

Capital Guardians gives disability and aged care service providers an automated financial system.

There is no cost to care organisations either upfront or on-going.  

Administrative effort for home care organisations is reduced to uploading individual budgets and approving expenses for payment.  That way residential operators have minimal administration requirements.

Suppliers invoice electronically with, or without, an accounting system and get paid quickly. The system will integrate with any accounting system that exists today.

Families access statements and reports, online in real-time.

Our business is about eliminating unnecessary administration while providing best practice governance in money matters. As such we:

  • Have been operating since 2009, and now manage individual’s monies for tens of thousands of customers;
  • Operate across all the states of Australia and New Zealand;
  • Hold an Australian Financial Services Licence, number 504332;
  • Are the only operator of this kind in Australiasia, and as the most efficient the costs of the service are negligible and a fraction of alternative options;
  • Save organisations significant time and money from not having to follow up debtors, pay postage, printing and general administration costs. This means we also protect the environment;
  • Offer a sophisticated e-commerce system designed by industry veterans from within Australia’s largest accounting system providers and aged care businesses;
  • Use cloud-based paperless technology.  With one click it automates from any accounting system to scan, record, and save “pdf” invoices. It also provides detailed transaction information and best practice governance audit trail, back to invoice authorities;Use leading-edge security, including SSL 128-bit security encryption;
  • Protect money through a trust management service that operates directly under the prudential framework and auspicious of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC);
  • Hold monies with the Westpac (New Zeland) and NAB Bank, reconcile it daily, and have it audited by Nexia.

It’s about the quality of life for Capital Guardians’ clients. 

Please also visit our new free service around aged care lifestyle and volunteer management at Living Guardians.


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