What to look for in Selecting a Plan Manager

 Selecting an NDIS Plan Manager.  A recent court case in Sydney has highlighted risks. Due to greater choice and independence offered to clients by the NDIS, a risk can be created. However, this risk can be reduced by setting a few criteria by which to judge potential plan managers. Your financial intermediary/plan manager should have the following systems in place to protect you, the client:

  What to look for in selecting a plan manager
Transparency - you the client should have full visibility of your expenditure and remaining budget.  
Choice - your plan manager should be able to work with any supplier you choose that has an ABN.  
Fast Payments - businesses you engage for your needs should be paid quickly and efficiently.  
Separation of Administration from authorisation - the person authorising the payment should be separate from the person making the payment. Therefore, neither of them should be the payee.  
NO Charge - under the NDIS there is no charge to the client for the management of their financial plan.  
Availability - you as the client should be able to contact your local plan manager readily and be able to rely on their advice.  
Security - your plan manager should have systems in place to ensure client’s funds and details are safe from hackers and malicious software.  
Budgetary experience - your plan manager should be able assist you with budgeting to ensure you get maximum benefit from your plan.  

Using this list as a basis, clients should be able to establish the bona fides of potential plan managers. Therefore, they should make a decision that ensures the client receives maximum benefit from their NDIS funding. Selecting an NDIS Plan Manager is a benefit to any participant.

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Andrew Nelson has over 30 years experience creating, maintaining and simplifying systems and processes designed to safeguard the owner's assets while keeping the processes as straight forward as possible for the client. By utilising tools such as checklists, clients can recognise and mitigate risks in straightforward and an easily to use system.
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