NDIS: How do I change service providers?

When it comes to changing service providers, most people don’t know where to start. You are entitled to expect good support under the NDIS. If you are unhappy with the support you are receiving, you can either talk to your service provider and get them to change what they are doing or end your service agreement before switching to a different service provider.

Talking to your provider first

It is often best to speak to your service provider about your issue first to see if they can help. They are there to support you and should listen to your concerns. When raising an issue with your service provider, you can ask someone you trust, or an independent advocate, to help you. For an unsolved problem, speak to your ECEI Coordinator, LAC, Support Coordinator or the NDIA. You may wish to consider taking steps to end your service agreement if your issue continues to persist. Maybe you no longer require their services and want another provider.

Ending your service agreement

To make a switch, the first thing you need to do is to end your service agreement with your current service provider. Terminating your agreement in writing is recommended, such as in an email, so that there is a written record of the request including the date of the application. It can also be helpful if you can request an acknowledgement of your request in writing. If there is no service agreement, ending a verbal agreement is also recommended.

Check the terms and conditions of any service agreement you have with your provider. In some cases, termination of the agreement will be effective immediately.  In other cases, it may only become active after some time (e.g., two weeks) from the date that you notify them that you wish to end the agreement.

For those who are agency managed, one more step must occur. Your current provider must end their service booking on the MyPlace portal. Doing this will stop the service a minimum of 14 days after the date that the provider makes a request (giving them enough time to make claims for any outstanding provider services). Do this as soon as possible. Ending it allows your new service provider to create their own service booking. In some instances, you may need to call the NDIA and request that the NDIA end the service booking. A written record of your request or acknowledgement of your request to stop the service agreement can help with this.

Finding the Right NDIS Service Provider

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